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Monday, December 12th, 2016

Art + Invention

Texas-based artist Margaret Craig transforms ocean reef trash from around the world into life-like sculptures. Science has been a huge spring board for Margaret Craig’s work. In her approach, she explores both positive and negative impacts of ocean trash. She reminds us that nature is always an opportunist. Her plastics become food for thought and not a danger to ecosystems by being mistaken for food. As an artist, Craig is also beholden to science in the creation of her work. She uses chemical coatings to mimic natural processes, and contemporary material developed by chemists to print her works. Much of the scientific method goes into discovering a new effect she can repeat and use.

Through this juxtaposition of artwork from plastic waste and destruction brought about by plastic, Margaret Craig makes a statement regarding mindfulness for the environment. She is often involved in trade portfolios and exhibits locally, nationally, and internationally. Craig invented Tar Gel Pressless Etching and has demonstrated this and other techniques at national conferences.

Currently, she has an informative video up about her invented process. You can check it out here.