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Friday, August 4th, 2017

Updates on Issue #3

As many of you already know, our printing campaign has ended.Thanks again for all of the support whether it was through sharing, donating artwork, or contributing financially to the campaign. We really couldn’t do it without your support! 

Reception of our funds was a little delayed but once received, we initiated printing. All seemed well, but a week and a half ago we received a copy and some errors were made by our printer in cutting the sheets, compromising the integrity of the issue.Yes, AGAIN (sigh). As a result of these errors that are out of our control, there will be a delay in reception of the new cuts and therefore, your copy of Issue #3.

We have faced some unexpected challenges with our printer in the past and are currently exploring alternate printers for the future – though it took four months to find this one! We truly appreciate your understanding regarding this matter and apologize in advance for this.

Wishing you well on the tail end of summer!

Emily A. Dustman
Founder + Editor-in-Chief
E-Squared Magazine