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Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Art & the Environment: Diane Burko

Devoted to communicating issues of climate change for over a decade, Diane Burko [Issue #4] works diligently to document and expose the dramatic disappearance of glaciers.

The process behind her work is quite noteworthy – first immersing herself in the unsettling truths of climate change, witnessing them directly by travelling to sites of glacial decline. Once there, she documents what she sees firsthand through a series of photographs developed in close collaboration with glaciologists.

Burko’s on-site experience enriches and informs not only her work but audiences at her exhibitions that are not necessarily interested in the science and consequences of shrinking ice fields. Her current work reflects expeditions to the three largest ice fields in the world through a series of photographs and paintings. Endangered: from Glaciers to Reefs, will be on display at the National Academy of Sciences until January 31, 2019.