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Thursday, June 1st, 2023



Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 1.25.41 PM A Possible Cause: Progress & Promise for Parkinson’sMay 8th, 2023

A new study centering on the gut microbiome holds potential answers to Parkinson’s Disease. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered a potential cause of Parkinson’s disease – certain strains of Desulfovibrio bacteria. The study enables the screening of the carriers of Desulfovibrio strains and the removal of the bacteria from the gut. Strains in patients […]

PIA14943-800w Celebrating the Sounds of Saturn with China BlueMay 1st, 2023

China Blue was featured in Issue #3 | Man, Machine, & Power of E-Squared Magazine. Don’t miss her upcoming solo exhibition celebrating the sounds she discovered for NASA in Saturn’s rings. “Listening for the Unheard” Opening: 5/13 4:00-7:00 PM Exhibition: 5/13-6/18 11 Jane Street Art Gallery, Saugerties, NY    

Pre-order-6-covers Pre-order Issue #6April 15th, 2023

I have been working hard on getting all of the content completed and input into the layout/publishing software. The current issue is near completion, and pre-orders for ISSUE #6 are now open! Recently, I also set up a new shop – placing orders should be much more streamlined. ISSUE #6 is set to be released by this […]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Egyptian Ostraca & TaxesMarch 1st, 2023

Being that it is tax season, have you ever heard of ostraca? Ostraca, also known as potsherds, are simply broken pieces of pottery that were used in recordkeeping. Limestone flakes and other thin stones were also commonly used. What kinds of records were kept? Stories, letters, prescriptions, student exercises, receipts, and…debts. Yes, just like a […]