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Thursday, November 12th, 2020

FDA Approved: Changing Lives with Andrew Pelling

Cover Image: Andrew Pelling

Though he is well known for making Ears out of Apples,” Andrew Pelling had an even bigger announcement this week…

Pelling is Chief Science Officer of Spiderwort, a Canadian medical device company that develops innovative biomaterials for use in regenerative medicine. If unfamiliar, biomaterials are materials that have been engineered to interact with biological systems for medical purposes.

A firm believer in embracing creativity in the lab and pushing the limits of science, Pelling has been experimenting with biomaterials like apple-derived cellulose to efficiently produce low-cost scaffolds. Plant-based scaffolds have the ability to support mammalian cell growth, serving as a base for tissue engineering.

Pelling and his team at Spiderwort developed CelluBridge™, a Spinal Cord Scaffold Implant. This week, CelluBridge™ was designated by the U.S. Federal Drug & Administration (FDA) as a “Breakthrough Device.” The device has micro-channels to guide regenerating neurons through damaged areas of the spinal cord and preclinical studies have demonstrated restoration of motor function in individuals.

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