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Friday, June 2nd, 2023

Game of Shrooms! 🍄

On June 10th 2023, mushrooms will invade the human space and not the other way around!


Have you ever participated in a seek and find art hunt?! On June 10th, a *GLOBAL ART HUNT* is taking place. The event is mushroom themed and is known as #gameofshrooms. It was started in 2019 by Attaboy.

To participate, you can be a maker of mushroom-themed artwork, hiding it all around the city you reside in, or solely a seeker of artwork. To find artwork, artists post clues on their social media accounts with hashtags, making it searchable by you.

This year, there are more people participating – both hiding and seeking – than ever before. I can say that as a maker of art, nothing has made me smile bigger than seeing complete strangers find and post my artwork they found hidden around the city. So, consider joining me tomorrow for the ANNUAL GAME OF SHROOMS GLOBAL ART HUNT. Get out in your city and find yourself some art! 🍄 🖼️

More info. here.

📸 above of two strangers last year who found my artwork hidden around St. Louis;
📸 below of me with one of my finds!

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