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Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Marching into Spring with Jarryd Lowder

Knee deep in the realities of climate change, I know that a little humor along the way is a huge relief from all of the doom and gloom that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Of course, it is important to understand the consequences of climate change, but my god, if you are going to instill hope in humanity, stop with all of the fatalistic outcomes–I can hardly stand to look at the news these days!

So, I have a proposal…why don’t we waltz into spring with the knowledge of our already altered water cycle–and therefore weather patterns that we are all experiencing around the globe–and work towards some adaptive goals. Let us realize the current state for what it is, smile here and there, and continue on a path of optimism where you will meet people like Jarryd Lowder.

jarrydlowder_profilepic Hailing from Iowa, Jarryd Lowder now resides in Switzerland after having lived in New York City for nearly two decades. Lowder is an talented artist of many forms–he is a photographer, journalist, teacher, videographer, designer, tech-based artist, musician, and A/V technician. His new project, Monstercastis an ongoing series of images that employ the phenomenon of pareidolia, or the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern (think, the Man in the Moon or the Moon Rabbit). With his work, Lowder’s creates “monsters” from Doppler weather radar maps.

“It’s a universal human perceptual ability, an example of which would be a child identifying clouds as being shaped like animals. When viewing weather radar maps, I see how the shapes and colors of the precipitation take on figurative forms,” stated Lowder. With his phone, he snags screen shots and then draws on top of them using very limited drawing tools. In the beginning, his renderings depicted the local Alpine weather in Switzerland, but he has since branched out, looking for interesting radar images from around the world.

While living in NYC, Lowder taught Video, Sound and Music classes to graduate students in the MFA Computer Art department at the well renowned design college, SVA NYC (formerly known as School of Visual Arts) for 15 years. Within the field of art & music, he has done live audiovisual performances, live music and video art which has been shown in the US and other countries such as Spain, Austria, Japan, Finland, Korea, Germany and the Netherlands. Learn more about him here: http://www.jarrydlowder.com/