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Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Mayday Call to Artists…

Cover Photo: E. Dustman

Mayday, mayday…do you know what the origins are for this phrase?

The well-known phrase ever-so engrained into our day-to-day lives from childhood forward actually first came into existence in 1923. Officer Frederick Stanley Mockford came up with the phrase as a shortened, more audible phrase to be heard over the radio in times of emergency. It is derived from a French saying, venez m’aider, or “come and help me.”

So it is that Spring has finally sprung. Blooms are bursting, pollen is flying. Happy day to you, this day in May. Though not technically Mayday, we write to you here as a call to artists whose works are inspired by political science.

So bring it on. Send us your work that is politically inspired and we’ll consider it for publication in our international print-magazine. A lot is going on in the world and we want you to know that your work and message are important to us and are part of our mission here at E-Squared Magazine. Send work by 11:59 P.M. / July 4th, 2017  ;-)

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Emily A. Dustman
Founder & Creative Director