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Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Shipping Costs & Changes


Hello, everyone! We don’t like to be a bearer of bad news, but shipping costs have increased yet again. As a result, if you have moved and/or have changed your mailing address, please let us know of your address change – we cannot possibly keep track of all of you via social media!


For Issue #3, we have already received some returned packages. When a magazine is returned to us, we are required to pay the return shipping before we can obtain the package from the post office (equal to the initial shipping cost). As it stands, we already offer a lower shipping cost to you than we even pay ourselves. As a result, we cannot afford to pay for shipping a second time around and in order to receive the magazine, you will be responsible for paying the full shipping cost to your new address.

Something else you might not know is that we do not charge artists who are featured in the magazine any fees. Those that are featured receive a complimentary copy of the magazine (inclusive of free shipping).

(just to give you a little bit of a rough idea)

ISSUE #1 (2016)

United States: $3.09 USD/copy
Canada: $14.73 USD/copy
International: $21.61 USD/copy

ISSUE #2 (2017)

United States: $3.12 USD/copy
Canada: $14.73 USD/copy
International: $21.61 USD/copy

ISSUE #3 (2017)

United States: $3.61 USD/copy
Canada: $21.97 USD USD/copy
International: $32.78 USD/copy



With the most recent increase, we decided to alter our mailing methods and change our international packaging to an envelope which lowered costs a little. We don’t know all that is going on in the world of mail, but we do know that shipping has become quite costly for us! 

There are some things that we are considering from a business standpoint to help curtail these costs, one of which is to make the magazine a little smaller (re: it has a high number of pages which ultimately lends to a greater mass; greater mass = greater shipping cost).

Over the past year, we have had meetings with distributors and are exploring that option. There are also grants and business loans in looking towards 2018. For the time being, we might have no other choice but to increase shipping to areas outside of North America as this is where we are seeing the greatest increases in shipping. This truly limits our distribution and international audience though! Eeek!


Our table is always open to ideas/solutions (if you might have any). We are only a two-person operation, and this year I have personally carved into my own funds to cover shipping costs as the cost to ship this issue exceeded our campaign funds and even profits. I truly believe that the best business model is one that is open and honest and willing to take suggestions from others to work towards building greater sustainability.

Inevitably problem solving & ever-evolving,

Emily Dustman
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