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Monday, February 18th, 2019



imagescall CALL FOR Images from Science 3December 19th, 2018

Project Overview Images from Science 3 is being organized to celebrate the production of extraordinary images featuring science. At its core mission, the project seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication. Science images unlike most other genres of images rarely find their way into art museums. Rochester Institute of Technology Professors Michael […]

mags-cover Issue #4–On Sale Now!December 2nd, 2018

  Purchase Issue #4 — $35.00 USD SOLD OUT!     Issue #4: Letter from the Founder Lately, the parable of the boiling frog has come mind. If unfamiliar, the story is about a frog placed in a pot of lukewarm water. The water warms, but as it does, the frog remains tranquil, unaware of any temperature […]

burko Art & the Environment: Diane BurkoNovember 20th, 2018

Devoted to communicating issues of climate change for over a decade, Diane Burko [Issue #4] works diligently to document and expose the dramatic disappearance of glaciers. The process behind her work is quite noteworthy – first immersing herself in the unsettling truths of climate change, witnessing them directly by travelling to sites of glacial decline. Once there, […]

dome Creating a more accurate picture of the worldNovember 11th, 2018

“The precise center of the Edwardsville miniature Earth is only four thousand miles distant from the real Earth’s center.”–R. Buckminster Fuller, Geoview   While known for many ideas and inventions, R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller is most widely revered for his geodesic dome constructions around the world. Fuller was more than an architect though, he was an […]