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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021



sticker-contest Sticker Design ContestMay 18th, 2020

DESIGN AN OFFICIAL STICKER FOR E-SQUARED! E-Squared wants to feature artists on our website and with magazine releases! ABOUT E-Squared is an international art + science print magazine featuring innovative projects from around the world. STICKER THEME For ideas and inspiration, draw from what you envision art + science | innovation to be. If your sticker is […]

sars Insights into Curing SARS w. Mara HaseltineApril 30th, 2020

Cover Image: SARS Inhibited. Mara G. Haseltine. 2016. In light of the pandemic, I thought it was time to glance back to Issue #1 at featured artist Mara G. Haseltine. In 2006, Haseltine created SARS Inhibited, a life-size sculpture depicting the active cleft of the SARS Virus with protease inhibitor.   For those of you not spinning in science circles, let’s go over some […]

venice Are you in Venice eating pizza?March 3rd, 2020

While I wish I could say I was in Venice, mindlessly floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola, noshing on some pizza…I am not. I have received numerous inquiries regarding the magazine so here’s the deal: LONG STORY SHORT I have not run away. Issue #5 is STILL happening. Issue #5 will be released Spring 2020.  LONG STORY Supporting […]

IMG_0764 Pushing Boundaries with Kit WebsterSeptember 1st, 2019

Previous Artist of Issue #1 Kit Webster is known around the world for pushing the boundaries of art and technology through his innovative audio-visual installations. His procedure is multi-faceted, incorporating mathematical formulas, computer programming, and unique installation design to generate various digital projections transected by sound. Webster encourages the fusion of vision and sound stating […]