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Sunday, March 26th, 2023



venice Are you in Venice eating pizza?March 3rd, 2020

While I wish I could say I was in Venice, mindlessly floating down the Grand Canal in a gondola, noshing on some pizza…I am not. I have received numerous inquiries regarding the magazine so here’s the deal: LONG STORY SHORT I have not run away. Issue #5 is STILL happening. Issue #5 will be released Spring 2020.  LONG STORY Supporting […]

IMG_0764 Pushing Boundaries with Kit WebsterSeptember 1st, 2019

Previous Artist of Issue #1 Kit Webster is known around the world for pushing the boundaries of art and technology through his innovative audio-visual installations. His procedure is multi-faceted, incorporating mathematical formulas, computer programming, and unique installation design to generate various digital projections transected by sound. Webster encourages the fusion of vision and sound stating […]

https___cdn-evbuc-com_images_58277866_210171355681_1_original This August: Biohack the PlanetAugust 5th, 2019

Biohack the Planet (BioHTP) will take place at the tail end of August—it is not to be missed!   BioHTP is a conference for people who are hacking science and biotechnology. Even “I” will be there so you will get the chance to meet me alongside so many important movers and shakers from around the world!    […]

featured E-Squared Receives AwardJuly 12th, 2019

Our printer, Raven Printing, submitted Issue #4 of E-Squared to Division I (Magazines, Periodicals, & Publications) and we are overjoyed to hear that we were awarded the Division I Silver Award / “Best of Category” by the Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica. Honestly, it is little moments like these that keep that light—that sometimes gets really dim—glowing, as a single business […]