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Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Issue #1



Issue #1: Letter from the Founder


Looking through pink rimmed glasses of an eleven-year old girl one would see shelves overflowing with slides, beakers, field guides, creatures in aquaria, clay, brushes, paint, and sketchbooks of the observed and imagined. You would see art and science, a laboratory and an art studio. What you would not see are the countless hours I spent there by myself getting lost in bewilderment, experiments, and new discoveries.


From a very young age, I have been consumed by the micro and macro-world that very obviously surrounded me. I spent sunrise to sunset exploring creeks, collecting critters, and experimenting. I had collections of insects, bones, rocks, and plants; illustrations of flora, fauna, and paintings of turtle plastron patterns for identification purposes; I had written various nature-based fictional stories like that of the colony of flower people residing in Jack-in-the-pulpits; the list is pretty ongoing.


If I was not outside, I was indoors in my laboratory. I vividly recall the day that I decided to look at pond water under my microscope. With transfer pipette in hand, I drew water up from the bottom of the aquarium and deposited the unknowingly microorganism filled drops into the depression on the glass slide. Peering into the objective of my microscope, I observed my very first cladocerans, the first being Daphnia pulex followed by hundreds of tiny other microorganisms to be identified and drawn. To my eyes, they were all dancing. That moment was magical – I was absolutely astounded by this world I did not even know existed.


This is just a small glimpse into my childhood and life trajectory, but I will tell you that I have not stopped and for as long as I am walking this pale blue dot while we are all slowly being consumed by the sun, I will continue on this adventure. No matter my age or life experiences, I still carry with me an innate ability to see beauty in the natural world and I constantly have a never-ending sense of wonderment with it all.


As a scientist, an artist, and a continual dreamer, E-Squared Magazine was born in the Spring of 2016 but as one can see, it was truly conceived decades prior, undergoing an extensive metamorphosis through stages of juvenility to finely groomed maturity. From my very own life experiences, I can state with confidence that the arts and sciences do go hand in hand – they are integral to one another, and give power and richness to each other. It is my belief that the future will be reliant on this fusion of art + science.


Although the path has been arduous at times, I am ever-so-pleased to present to you E-Squared Magazine fresh from the chrysalis. E-Squared is a modern & conceptual magazine that fuses art + science with the hopes of sparking real social and cultural change. My partner and I are filled with gratitude for the individuals in this magazine, their work, and also for the support that we have received in this endeavor. We hope that you enjoy Issue #1 and subsequent issues in the future.


“When you’re not looking, cladocerans are dancing.”


Emily A. Dustman