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Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Pushing Boundaries with Kit Webster

Previous Artist of Issue #1

Kit Webster is known around the world for pushing the boundaries of art and technology through his innovative audio-visual installations. His procedure is multi-faceted, incorporating mathematical formulas, computer programming, and unique installation design to generate various digital projections transected by sound. Webster encourages the fusion of vision and sound stating that his designs are employed to deliberately cultivate a deeper audiovisual, synesthetic connection.

Webster’s work is complex in its implementation, yet minimalistic in presentation. By accurately positioning pixels and programming them to illuminate his installations, he reveals simple shape as light. He then synchronizes his installations with cybernetic volumes to create an overall experience that simultaneously stimulates the visual and audio cortexes of the brain.

Kit Webster’s willingness to experiment in his work yields a final product that is both precise and visceral to the viewer. Showing great proficiency for choreographing light and music, he is truly spearheading the creative-tech scene. You can see his work showcased around the world at numerous festivals and shows like Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and Summer Well Festival.

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