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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

Smart is the New Sexy

Dear Sapiosexuals,

This year, we think smart is the new sexy. We’re talking about art here, folks but not just any art…intellectual art. We have always felt that which is intellectual is attractive, exciting, provocative, and yes, we’ll say it again, sexy. It’s the kind of art that makes you think. Deeply ponder. Feel inspired. Of course, we’re not denying that aesthetic art has its place too. We have great respect for all art and art movements throughout history.

What has become important to us though is art that is intellectual, progressive…art that moves humanity forward in some kind of way. We’ve been busy saying no to all the candy art. There’s a place for that. What we desire though is the kind of work that isn’t just about the wow factor, but the kind that makes you really think and then the double wow comes after you comprehend it. Honestly, in just six months of opening our minds to the art + science scene, we haven’t been able to think about art the same way.

We’re currently working hard on the fifth Issue of E-Squared Magazine. We look forward to our fresh group of artists and romanticizing you with new and inspiring content. Stay tuned for behind the scenes at E-Squared Studios during the making of Issue #5 and while you wait, consider ordering a copy of Issue #4

Because smart is the new sexy.


Emily A. Dustman

Founder & Director
E-Squared Magazine