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Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Support E-Squared in Print

If you have been keeping up with E-Squared, you might know that we recently obtained a new printer since our Boston-based printer closed their doors and moved to Canada [-GASP-].

As we met with and talked with numerous printers, the message was the same––”print is dying; printers are going out of business these days; you’re in the wrong business. So, YES, printing has become quite costly and I know, I know, many of you say just go DIGITAL, but for now, I still hold the ideology that there is something VERY special about holding a printed publication, especially an art + science magazine, in your hands. 

It took a great amount of searching to find the quality that E-Squared imbues and considering all of the above, we have no choice but to increase our price from $25 back to $35 (our original retail value). The magazine itself is a high quality publication and many people have noted that it is more like a high quality book rather than a magazine.

We are proud to say that E-Squared has been archived at Stanford University and is completely -SOLD OUT- (at Brown University Bookstore too!). As printing of our fourth issue comes to a close, E-Squared will be taking one last round of pre-orders at $25/copy. After printing has completed, the price will increase to $35.


With higher printing costs and shipping costs, pre-ordering a copy of Issue #4 helps E-Squared to have…

Proper stock

Once we’re sold out, we cannot print more copies unless it is above a certain quantity for printing the run (which means we usually cannot afford to print another run).

Proper funds

All money put into E-Squared goes back into E-Squared.


E-Squared is a small business of only one (Emily Dustman). Yes, that means, I do everything for E-Squared.

If art, science, and printed media is important to you or if you have ever received a complimentary copy of the magazine, please help support art + science in print by pre-ordering a copy of Issue #4. 

We hope seeing and and feeling the pages of E-Squared: Art + Science | Culture in your hands is just as important to you as it is to us.



Emily A. Dustman
Founder & Director, E-Squared Magazine