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Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Updates on Issue #5


E-Squared is currently in the midst of preparing Issue #5 for publication. As a one-person operation, I thought it was time to bring you up to speed with what I am currently doing…

As we celebrate the arrival of Spring in the U.S., I am wrapping up another semester of teaching at the University. By next week, my students and I will finalize a collaborative sci-art project pertaining to blood cells and in two weeks, I will give final exams in my Human Disease course.

In addition to my classroom full of students, I have been taking a programming and web development course to improve my skillset in that area. I am also writing and publishing for another organization. And, yes, I still have my own art practice! You can find my artwork on display at Recess Brewing in Edwardsville and just around the corner in May, I will be teaching a course in botanical illustration at the Missouri Botanical Garden.


All things considered, I am very eager to release Issue #5 into the world and see it in your hands, but I thought that I should inform you of all that is on my plate and let you know how much I greatly appreciate your patience.

This Friday, pre-orders for Issue #5 will open. A single issue of E-Squared retails for $35, but during this pre-order window, issues only cost $25. And, a gentle reminder that if you wish to pre-order, please select the correct country in which you reside (=destination for the magazine). Alternate destinations are always an option.

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Yours truly,

Emily A. Dustman
Founder & Director
E-Squared Magazine