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The Hard Facts w. Mauro Perucchetti

Cover Image: Hard Facts by Mauro Perucchetti. 2006. Pigmented urethane resin, stainless steel & acrylic. 94 x 180 x 30 cm. As protests continue over the death of George Floyd, I thought it was pertinent to look back to Issue #3, an issue revolving around the topic of man, machine, & power. Featured artist, Mauro Perucchetti […]

Mauro Perucchetti: From Pop Art to Psychedelic Colors

Congratulations to previous artist, Mauro Perucchetti, for his recent interview with Wall Street International Magazine! Perucchetti appeared in Issue #3 of E-Squared Magazine which explored themes of power, destruction, and modification. Read more about him in Issue #3 below. Redolent of pop art days, Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti creates work that does not just carry with it […]