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a2ru Emerging Creatives Summit at RIT

Collaboration is crucial in today’s interconnected world as it fosters the exchange of diverse perspectives and expertise, often leading to innovative solutions that individuals working in isolation may not achieve alone. This past week/end (Mar. 14 -17), I had the privilege of participating in the a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Summit at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and […]

Exploring Mass Production, Talent, and Quality in Art

Andy Warhol, an icon of the Pop Art movement, revolutionized the art world with his unique approach to mass production, challenging traditional notions of talent and the balance between quality and quantity. As we delve into Warhol’s legacy, we are confronted with intriguing questions about the nature of art, creativity, and the ethics of artistic […]

CANVAS FOR CHANGE: The Importance of Art in Conservation Biology

Last month, I had the honor of serving as a guest lecturer for two days for Dr. Todd Levine‘s conservation biology course at Carroll University. My presentation, titled CANVAS FOR CHANGE: The Importance of Art in Conservation Biology, delved into the crucial role of art in the sciences. On Day 1, we explored the history of art […]

Being Bold: What Does it Mean to You?

“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”––Goethe Here is a portrait of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe by Andy Warhol (1982). At the time, Warhol was reflecting on how the mass media changed our perception of reality. Still today, media campaigns influence people’s perception of reality and misperceptions can act as impediments to social change. […]

Professional Development: Using Art to Communicate Science

“By incorporating artistic elements into our communication strategies, we can effectively convey complex scientific concepts in a more accessible and compelling manner.”––E. Dustman Recently, Emily Dustman had the privilege of leading a thought-provoking professional development session in collaboration with Allison R. Byrd and Dr. Alexa Lamm at the National Agriculture Communication Symposium (NACS) in Atlanta, Georgia. The professional development session, “Using […]

A Resolve for Every Day of the New Year

It’s that time of year when we resolve to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve in some way. Personally, I don’t believe in reserving resolutions for just one time a year though – I believe in making resolutions all year long. This time of year, I like to […]

Reinventing what’s beneath us.

May we carry on in the spirit of “reinventing what’s beneath us.” In the realm of contemporary art, there are few figures as enigmatic and boundary-pushing as Pope.L. Born William Pope.L, this visionary artist’s work transcends conventional definitions, challenging societal norms and questioning the very essence of human existence. His artistic repertoire is a tapestry […]

On the Beginner’s Mind

On the Beginner’s Mind –– I consider myself a beginner in many things, but no matter what I am doing in life, I try and approach everything I do as if I am on a new path, remaining open to discovery along the way. Do you remember the first time you decided to do something […]

Emily Dustman joins the Lamm Lab

Last year, Dr. Alexa Lamm invited me into her classrooms as a visiting speaker on the Congruence of Art + Science as it Applies to Hedonics. I also taught an illustration workshop on the Intersection of Art + Science associated with climate change and plant adaptation. It was such a fantastic experience, and I met […]