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Reinventing what’s beneath us.

May we carry on in the spirit of “reinventing what’s beneath us.” In the realm of contemporary art, there are few figures as enigmatic and boundary-pushing as Pope.L. Born William Pope.L, this visionary artist’s work transcends conventional definitions, challenging societal norms and questioning the very essence of human existence. His artistic repertoire is a tapestry […]

Call for Artists

ARTISTS, SCIENTISTS, AND INNOVATORS! We’re archived in Stanford University Libraries and we think you & your work should be too! OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS // International Deadline: February 10, 2019. Underlying theme: Architecture. Urban Decay. Street Art. Post-Industrial Society. Humanity. Technology. Metaphysics. Otherworldly. Outer Space. Terraforming. Extraterrestrial Colonization. New World.Robots. Artificial Intelligence. Cybernetic Revolt. Fermi […]

Smart is the New Sexy

Dear Sapiosexuals, This year, we think smart is the new sexy. We’re talking about art here, folks but not just any art…intellectual art. We have always felt that which is intellectual is attractive, exciting, provocative, and yes, we’ll say it again, sexy. It’s the kind of art that makes you think. Deeply ponder. Feel inspired. Of course, […]

CALL FOR Images from Science 3

Project Overview Images from Science 3 is being organized to celebrate the production of extraordinary images featuring science. At its core mission, the project seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication. Science images unlike most other genres of images rarely find their way into art museums. Rochester Institute of Technology Professors Michael […]

Call for Issue #5…

Call for Submissions for Issue #5! Underlying theme: Robots. Artificial Intelligence. Cybernetic Revolt. Science Fiction. Mystery. Mythology. Apocalyptic Events. The Unknown. Humanity. Technology. Anatomy & Physiology. Cosmology. Metaphysics. Otherworldly. Outer Space. Terraforming. Submit your work by August 15, 2018. More details here: https://esquaredmagazine.com/submit/  

Summer Drink with Nick Ervinck

Leap into summer with Nick Ervinck and his studio on Saturday June 30th or Sunday July 1st.   During this two-day event you will have the opportunity to meet the artist and to take a unique look behind the scenes of his studio. In addition to enjoying some new works, you can join one of the lectures […]

Grimanesa Amorós at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival

As part of its 40 year anniversary season, BRIC has commissioned former E-Squared artist Grimanesa Amorós. HEDERA can be viewed from June 5 to August 11 at the Prospect Park Bandshell as a special element of the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. Special Artist Reception // Thursday, June 28th 8PM – 10:30PM Take a peak at her spread in Issue #3 of E-Squared […]

…and the bunny goes POP!

…and the bunny goes POP! Tales of a rabbit gone viral.    Don’t miss Eduardo Kac’s opening exhibition …and the bunny goes POP!  at The Horse Hospital, London. Eduardo (featured in Issue #4) will be present at the opening and on Saturday, June 2, from 4 – 6 pm. Opening reception: June 1, 7 – 9 pm. The exhibition presents a selection of Eduardo Kac’s works […]

Edward Burtynsky Awarded Master of Photography

Cover Image: Phospor Tailings Pond #4. Polk County, Florida, 2012. Edward Burtynsky was recently announced Master of Photography for 2018 by Photo London. The award is given annually to a leading contemporary photographer who is the subject of a special exhibition at the fair. As such, Burtynsky will present a specially curated display of new and rarely seen images […]

Luca Pozzi’s Hawking Series

This morning’s wake carried the news of the loss of a great…Stephen Hawking. Hawking was the Dennis Stanton Avery and Sally Tsui Wong-Avery director of research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and founder of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge. He was also former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University […]