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Leonardo Ricci: An Innovator of His Time

“True architecture is not about taking a piece of paper and designing forms and patterns. True architecture is about imagining a space and the movement of those who will live there.”––Leonardo Ricci A leading figure in the Italian architectural scene of the Second World War, Leonardo Ricci rejected the idea of traditional architecture––he firmly believed in constructing buildings that […]

Call for Artists

ARTISTS, SCIENTISTS, AND INNOVATORS! We’re archived in Stanford University Libraries and we think you & your work should be too! OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS // International Deadline: February 10, 2019. Underlying theme: Architecture. Urban Decay. Street Art. Post-Industrial Society. Humanity. Technology. Metaphysics. Otherworldly. Outer Space. Terraforming. Extraterrestrial Colonization. New World.Robots. Artificial Intelligence. Cybernetic Revolt. Fermi […]

Creating a more accurate picture of the world

“The precise center of the Edwardsville miniature Earth is only four thousand miles distant from the real Earth’s center.”–R. Buckminster Fuller, Geoview   While known for many ideas and inventions, R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller is most widely revered for his geodesic dome constructions around the world. Fuller was more than an architect though, he was an […]

Summer Drink with Nick Ervinck

Leap into summer with Nick Ervinck and his studio on Saturday June 30th or Sunday July 1st.   During this two-day event you will have the opportunity to meet the artist and to take a unique look behind the scenes of his studio. In addition to enjoying some new works, you can join one of the lectures […]