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Call for Artists

ARTISTS, SCIENTISTS, AND INNOVATORS! We’re archived in Stanford University Libraries and we think you & your work should be too! OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS // International Deadline: February 10, 2019. Underlying theme: Architecture. Urban Decay. Street Art. Post-Industrial Society. Humanity. Technology. Metaphysics. Otherworldly. Outer Space. Terraforming. Extraterrestrial Colonization. New World.Robots. Artificial Intelligence. Cybernetic Revolt. Fermi […]

Mayday Call to Artists…

Cover Photo: E. Dustman Mayday, mayday…do you know what the origins are for this phrase? The well-known phrase ever-so engrained into our day-to-day lives from childhood forward actually first came into existence in 1923. Officer Frederick Stanley Mockford came up with the phrase as a shortened, more audible phrase to be heard over the radio in times […]