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Robot Mythologies with Geoffrey Drake-Brockman

As we round the corner into March, artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman of Issue #3 will be showing his work, Parallax Dancer, Coppelia One, and Floribots in the show A Cache of Kinetic Art: Curious Characters at the Morris Museum NJ. The exhibit will be up from March 16, 2018 – June 20, 2018. If you are in New Jersey or surrounding areas, I highly […]


Photo Credit: E. Dustman A road trip turned camping trip turned day trip to Crane Beach to see Dutch artist + physicist Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest (Dutch: strand=beach; beest=beast). Well. Worth. It. Magnificent they are with an early invented appearance and articulated dream-like movements. But, what are they? Jansen’s Strandbeests are sculptures but they aren’t just any sculptures…they are kinetic sculptures […]