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Pushing Boundaries with Kit Webster

Previous Artist of Issue #1 Kit Webster is known around the world for pushing the boundaries of art and technology through his innovative audio-visual installations. His procedure is multi-faceted, incorporating mathematical formulas, computer programming, and unique installation design to generate various digital projections transected by sound. Webster encourages the fusion of vision and sound stating […]

The Erosion of Science & the Storm at Bay

I always say, “show me the data” and what that means is, if you plan to tell me something, you better have the evidence to back it up. – E. Dustman   I truly believe that every animal maneuvering this planet is entitled to their own set of beliefs. As a result, I usually remain fairly […]

Awareness Through Art

This summer my friend approached me about taking a trip to Zion National Park. How could I resist? Sometimes, you just need a little escape. I have been so busy with the magazine that September crept up on me pretty quickly. Before I knew it, I was boarding a jet plane and my friend and I were in […]

Bridging the Art + Science Gap

Photo Credit: E. Dustman Today, I took the train all the way up to Cambridge, Massachusetts to study taxidermy turtles. You probably don’t hear that everyday since you’re not running around in herpetology circles, but I have been working on creating The Turtles of Rhode Island, an educational poster for the Roger Williams Park Zoo. My project isn’t […]