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Smart is the New Sexy

Dear Sapiosexuals, This year, we think smart is the new sexy. We’re talking about art here, folks but not just any art…intellectual art. We have always felt that which is intellectual is attractive, exciting, provocative, and yes, we’ll say it again, sexy. It’s the kind of art that makes you think. Deeply ponder. Feel inspired. Of course, […]

CALL FOR Images from Science 3

Project Overview Images from Science 3 is being organized to celebrate the production of extraordinary images featuring science. At its core mission, the project seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication. Science images unlike most other genres of images rarely find their way into art museums. Rochester Institute of Technology Professors Michael […]

Art & the Environment: Diane Burko

Devoted to communicating issues of climate change for over a decade, Diane Burko [Issue #4] works diligently to document and expose the dramatic disappearance of glaciers. The process behind her work is quite noteworthy – first immersing herself in the unsettling truths of climate change, witnessing them directly by travelling to sites of glacial decline. Once there, […]

Celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall with WHITEvoid

Issue #3 of E-Squared featured light artists WHITEvoid. Recently we saw LICHTGRENZE, a project that celebrates “25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall.” The light installation composed of 8000 lit balloons on poles temporarily separates the city for 3 days and nights. Millions of people came to see the helium filled balloons rise to the Berlin night […]

Steve Miller & The Billboard Creative

  Among numerous other achievements this year, where else can you possibly find Steve Miller? On a billboard…in Los Angeles…at Melrose and North Hudson. Congratulations to you, Steve Miller, for being selected as an artist for The Bilboard Creative (TBC). In October, The Billboard Creative will transform 31 Los Angeles billboards into public art spaces, bringing public […]

Andrew Carnie at the Royal Free Hospital Pathology Museum

Tuesday, October 16th. former artist Andrew Carnie will have an opening exhibition for his body of work, SOMNOTIUM, at the Royal Free Hospital Pathology Museum. SOMNOTIUM envelops topics regarding the body and sleep with a collision between art, philosophy, and pathology. The show will be located on the 2nd Floor of the Medical School at Royal Free […]

Diane Burko: Artist & Activist

Issue #4 artist & activist Diane Burko will soon be making a presence at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for her talk and signing for her latest book, Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs. Published in conjunction with her current exhibit at the National Academy of Sciences in DC, the book details her practice spanning data collection to bearing […]

Elizabeth Jameson on Rediscovering Intimacy without Touch

A big congrats to previous artist Elizabeth Jameson for her piece in The New York Times! Jameson appeared in E-Squared Magazine’s debut issue which explored themes of the animal and what it means to be human. Read more about her in Issue #1 below. Elizabeth Jameson’s work lives at the intersection of science, art, and technology. She uses emerging forms […]

E-Squared at the St. Louis Science Center

This Saturday August 11th., E-Squared with be participating in SciFest: Bright Ideas Expo at The Saint Louis Science Center. The event will feature innovative artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives such as Harold Buchholz (writer and executive producer on Mystery Science Theater 3000), St. Louis Space Frontier, Topp Lab–Danforth Plant Science Center, and Third Degree Glass Company, among others. E-Squared will merge art + science […]

Call for Issue #5…

Call for Submissions for Issue #5! Underlying theme: Robots. Artificial Intelligence. Cybernetic Revolt. Science Fiction. Mystery. Mythology. Apocalyptic Events. The Unknown. Humanity. Technology. Anatomy & Physiology. Cosmology. Metaphysics. Otherworldly. Outer Space. Terraforming. Submit your work by August 15, 2018. More details here: https://esquaredmagazine.com/submit/